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The PS3 ISO series from the Sony PlayStation series is a hit with teenagers and adults as well. Undoubtedly, PS3 ISO has revolutionized the gaming industry with many systems going off dealers’ shelves as soon as they are replaced. Many PS3 games can be copied to the hard drive with the help of specialized software. You need to take the same steps as burning a music CD or DVD. The first thing is to insert the original game disk and load the game copying software. Next, click on the ‘Tool Bar’ option and then on the ISO options. Click on read and then ‘decrypt’ option. After this, the game is copied to the hard disk. Follow this with replacing the original game disk with a blank DVD. Click on ‘write’ and a pop-up window will prompt you to select the PS3 game file that was saved on the hard disk. Click the ‘write’ option once again after selecting the game file. The file will be copied onto the backup disk.

It is easy to download PS3 ISO games to the hard drive in these few simple steps. Most packages will include detailed instructions and in some cases videos to handle the copying process. The key is to choose a reliable program that makes copies just like the original ones. PS3 ISO direct downloads are also available. Simply click on the download link and you will be directed to the site from where your favorite PS3 ISO game can be downloaded directly to your computer.  There are many sites that offer free PS3 ISO direct downloads, where you may need to pay as much as $35 or more for a better download speed. There are also torrent clients from where you are able to make PS3 ISO direct downloads absolutely free.

A good BitTorrent or any other client is all you need to for downloading the file without any trouble. Make sure that the Windows XP firewall is on and that torrent is listed as an exception or else the download speed will be much slower. A good anti-virus software is also essential for complete security. Once the PS3 ISO direct download is complete you can run the file through the torrent client. Files in the current torrent file can be previewed if they are .iso or .cso files, which are image files of PS games. These files must be copied to the games folder after which they will show up as ready to play PS3 ISO games. Before this, make sure the customized firmware and Home Brew application are installed. Both can be downloaded along with instruction files.

Today, you have a choice when it comes to PS3 ISO games that can be copied, backed up, or burned on DVDs. Alternatively, you can choose PS3 ISO direct download so that you don’t have to let your original copy get scratched or spoilt. Make sure you grab a good deal if you use game copying software. There are plenty of choices available online.


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May 17, 2011 at 6:30 am

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